An entrepreneur who also has a background in Architecture and Photography, Howie discovered his passion for art when he stumbled into a small art store while wandering through Europe. He bought his first set of color pencils and an art pad and has been drawing and painting ever since. His art is influenced by many of the famous abstract artist who where stretching the art envelope during the early to mid 1900’s as well as architecture and nature. As an abstract artist he likes to experiment with different techniques and be spontaneous, working on multiple pieces at once. He uses color theory and geometry to guide him as he develops his work. He mainly uses acrylic paint on canvas and also likes mixed-media.

Howie Partners with local children’s charities and donates a percentage of gross sales to these causes. This year’s partner is The Chase Foundation which was founded in memory of Chase Richards by his loving family after he passed away at two-years old when cancer relentlessly took his life.

All children deserve and need the chance to be kids. Child Life Specialists help hospitalized children realize their chance to be kids by providing for their social, emotional and developmental needs, helping them cope and improving their outcomes.

Through the work of the foundation, Child Life programs have been expanded to reach more children—but there is still much work to be done. The Chase Foundation is dedicated to continuing its efforts to ensure that every child in a children’s hospital gains access to these programs.